Sunday, April 6, 2014

Worship and Prayer Retreat

Worship and Prayer Retreat
Camp Adeline
Friday May 2nd-Sunday May 4th
Cost is $50.00
Register by Sun. April 27th

Sunday, April 24, 2011

2014 Weekly Prayer Requests

Connie Shadle: Has finished 1 week of radiation, along with Chemo meds..
The tumor is incurable. But can go into remission.
Pastor Dot: Leaving our parish the middle of June
Church: We have decided to leave the Stratford Methodist Parish July 1st.. Please continue to pray for guidance and Gods leadership.
Roger Hoshaw: Prayers for his parkinsons and for Irene
Airplane: Lost and unaccounted for in Malaysia
Danny Wendell Family:Fort Dodge.Passed away suddenly at age 43
February 16th:  Sunday School  23   Worship 26
February 23rd:  Sunday School 18    Worship 22  
March 2nd:      No Church Winter Storm
March 9th:       Sunday School 23     Worship 23
March 16th:     Sunday School 16     Worship 22
March 23rd      Sunday School 16     Worship 19
March 30th      5th Sunday               Worship 11
April 6th           Sunday School 19    Worship 28

Sunday, January 23, 2011

2014 Sunday School Schedule

Sunday School Classes are held at 9:30 AM.
Adult class upstairs-teens basement.
Sunday School Opening:
April: Holly Lundberg
Adult Sunday School Class:
April: Memory Iles
Youth Group Sunday School
April: April Carlson

Birthday & Anniversaries 2014

10  Peggy Schwering
11  Mark Erickson
15  Denise Luhmann
26  Kathy Hay

Ladies Aid Society 2014

Ladies Aid Society is the heartbeat of the church. We plan and organize events and fundraisers. The fundraiser money is used to maintain the church, buy supplies, and help with the general fund. We have a short lesson and time of fellowship. Ladies Aid Society meets the 2nd Thursday of every month at 4:00
April Ladies Aid will be on the 3rd Thursday April 17th  at 4:00 at the church. Potluck. Clean church, tie rugs.

Event Happenings 2014

7th: Monday 6:00 Bible Study at John and Memory Iles
17th: Thursday 4:00 Ladies Aid at Church. Clean/tie rugs
18th: Friday (Good Friday) Jeff Bleijerveld director of our UB Global Missions will be at McGuire Bend around 3:00pm. He is touring the United Brethern Church's. He would like to see the church, meet the people, maybe give a talk. Thinking maybe a potluck supper at 5:00. Mark your calendar for this important event, and come whatever time you are able.
18th: Friday 7:00 Ecumenical Good Friday Service. 
21st: Monday 6:00 Bible Study
27th Sunday: Registration Due for Camp Adeline Prayer and Worship Retreat.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Special Music & Pastor Rotation 2014

Pastor Rotation
April 13 Pastor Dot  (Communion)
April 20 Dan Carrow
April 27 Pastor Dot
Special Music
April 6   Janice Ford
April 13 Connor Erickson Palm Sunday (communion)
April 20 Carlson Family  Easter Sunday
April 27 Memory Iles, Janice Ford, Holly Lundberg