Saturday, March 3, 2018

Sr Saints Day Coming in "MAY"

Senior Saints Day is for anyone age 50+ looking for a change from their normal routine. Come to Hidden Acres for a day and enjoy coffee and cinnamon rolls, fellowship and worship, and a special guest speaker. We’ll also serve lunch and organize several afternoon activities for your enjoyment. Tuesday May 8th 9:00-3:00. Please register by Friday May 4th.  Cost is $15.00

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Speaker Rotation/ Special Music

March Speakers
11th   Jefff Nemechek Turn clocks ahead 1 hr (April gone)
18th   Paul Wierson        (April gone)
25th   Jeff Nemchek       Palm Sunday
April Speakers
1st                    Easter Sunday
29th   5th Sunday All Church Participation
March Specials
11th  ??                      (April and Holly gone)
18th Janice Ford       (April gone)
25th Carlson family 
April Specials
29th  5th Sunday all Church Participation

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

2018 Teaching Schedule and Janitor Duties

Adult Sunday School
March: Jeff Nemechek
April: Jane Lee
Sunday School Opening Exercise
March: Jane Lee
April: Jeff Nemechek
Church Cleaning
March: Janice Ford/Betty Richey
April: Carlson Family

2018 Upcoming Events

***6th    Tuesday 4:00 Ladies Aid at Holly Lundberg's***
12th Monday 6:00 Bible Study at Athen Woods
18th  Sunday Dayton Lions Chicken dinner 11-1:00
25th  Sunday Chicken Dinner at Calvary 11-1:00
26th  Monday 6:00 Bible Study at Athen Woods 
9th   Monday 6:00 Bible Study at Athen Woods
12th Thursday 4:00 Ladies Aid Jane Lee is Hostess
20th  Friday Banquet for Camp Adeline(more info to come)
23rd Monday  6;00 Bible Study at Athen Woods

Monday, June 13, 2016

Prayer Requsts and Attendance.

April Stewart:  Prayers for continued recovery from surgery
Lyle and Betty Richey: Lyle has been diagnosed with Parkinson Dementia. Pray for Betty also
Janice Ford: Grandson Nolan is struggling with depression. Prayers for a successful recovery. Also her son Jeff needs prayers and encouragement and support as a father.
Paul Wierson: Prayers for his knee pain. Also a safe enjoyable trip to Georgia
Jack Cook: Prayers for strength in his legs so he doesn't keep falling
Pat Howd: Has been reported she is not doing well. In Eastern Star in Boone.
Burton and Rhonda Patterson: Burton is in the Stratford Care center under hospice care S. Marion
Sam and Rita Fleener: Dayton, Sam is in his final stage of cancer. Rita also has cancer.
John Iles: Has been running a fever for several days. Pray he gets better soon.
Holly Lundberg: has been struggling with asthma the past 10 days.
   **Thank you to the boy scouts for a delicious hot beef meal!
   ** We will be putting a pack together for Uganda over the next month.
      Steve Kelley shared that Moses in Uganda is in need of beans and rice. He said that the care packages from the Billy Graham Crusades that go to Uganda are delivered to the urban orphanages. His orphanage is in rural Uganda and they get overlooked. There is approx.200 children under his care. We are planning to send another care package this spring somewhere around Easter, so you might start keeping this in mind.
January 21st-  Sunday School 13    Worship 18 
January 28th   Sunday School 12    Worship 17 
February 3       Sunday School 12    Worship 19
February 11     Sunday School 10    Worship 15 
February 18     Sunday School 12    Worship 20
February 25th  No service due to ice 
March    4th     Sunday School 12     Worship 16

Sunday, January 23, 2011

2018 Birthday and Anniversary

Birthdays and Anniversaries
16   Diana and Mark Erickson Anniversary
18   April Carlson
19   Jeff Nemechek
24   Diana Erickson
26   Betty Richey
29   Connor Erickson
30   Robyn Barnes

Friday, February 27, 2009

About Us

McGuire Bend United Brethern Church was founded in 1890, in the aftermath of the 1889 division of the United Brethern in Christ over whether or not to adopt a new constitution. We are part of the "Old Constitution" church. Our present building was built in 1964 after the original building was destroyed in an arson fire.
We are a small, loving congregation, dedicated to making Christs salvation from sin known to all. We are nestled in the timber close to the Des Moines River. We are centered between the towns of Dayton, Lehigh, and Stratford.
We have an adult sunday school, monthly ladies meetings, adult bible study, yearly ice cream social,  yearly Fall supper and bazaar. Our doors and hearts are always open to welcome visitors. Sunday school is at 9:30AM and Worship at 10:30AM. Sunday School is year round.
Our address in 3138 McGuire Bend Rd, Dayton (take Vasse Ave to McGuire Bend RD). The Church phone number is 515-547-2339. We are currently utilizing lay speakers. Jeff Nemechek from Dayton, Paul Wierson from Story City, Please contact a member if you need information or are interested in speaking.