Sunday, April 24, 2011

2016 Weekly Prayers/Attendance

Mary and Jack Cook: Jack is home. He fell getting out of bed. Mary had to call the rescue crew to help get him up. Thankfully he is not hurt.
Howard Lamb:Brain tumor.
Tyla Jensen:(Lyle and Bettys daughter) Last chemo is done. She thanks everyone for their prayers. Now we ask God that she stays in remission.
Steve Kelley: Continue healing from stroke. Diana Kelley his angel
John Sorenson: Young man lost his wife and 3 children in a house fire while he was at work..
We no longer have a snowplow. It  finally scooped its last. Kim Jensen offered to clean the church 
Alice Spitler has been moved to 2nd floor # 208 C at Eastern Star in Boone, She will receive a little more help there. Her phone number is 515-212-8215
The McGuire Bend Church congregation and Jeff, Paul, Mike. 
January 3rd   Sunday School 9      Worship 16
January  10   Sunday School 18    Worship 19
January 17  No Church Dangerous temps/windchill
January 24    Sunday School  13   Worship 19
January 31    Sunday School  15    Worship 20


Sunday, January 23, 2011

2016 Teachers/Janitors

Sunday School Classes are held at 9:30 AM.
Adult class upstairs-teens basement.
Sunday School Opening:
February: Memory Iles
Adult /Teen Sunday School:
February: Janice Ford 
February Diana Erickson 
Clean Church 
February: April Carlson 

2016 Birthday's and Anniversaries

3 John Iles and Paul Wierson
11 Braden Eger
26 Gilbert Schwering
28 Jim and Kathy Hay Anniversary 

2016 Ladies Aid Meetings

 Ladies Aid Society meets the 2nd Thursday of every month at 5:30. Thursday February 11th at 5:30. The ladies will be going out for supper. April is in charge.

2016 Upcoming Events

Bible Study is the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at 6:00
Ladies Aid is the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 5:30
8th   Monday 6:00 Bible Study Athens Woods
11th Thursday 5:30 Ladies out for supper
15th  Monday 6:00  Bible Study Athens Woods  

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2015 Pastor Rotation-Special Music

Speaker Rotation 
7th  Mike Huss
14th Paul Wierson
21st Jeff Nemechek
28th Paul Wierson
Special Music 
7th   Jessica Carlson
14th  Open
21st  Holly Lundberg
28th  Women

Friday, February 27, 2009

About Us

McGuire Bend United Brethern Church was founded in 1890, in the aftermath of the 1889 division of the United Brethern in Christ over whether or not to adopt a new constitution. We are part of the "Old Constitution" church. Our present building was built in 1964 after the original building was destroyed in an arson fire.
We are a small, loving congregation, dedicated to making Christs salvation from sin known to all. We are nestled in the timber close to the Des Moines River. We are centered between the towns of Dayton, Lehigh, and Stratford.
We have a youth and adult sunday school, monthly ladies meetings, adult bible study, yearly ice cream social, Fall supper and bazaar. Our doors and hearts are always open to welcome visitors. Sunday school is at 9:30AM and Worship at 10:30AM.
Our address in 3138 McGuire Bend Rd, Dayton (take Vasse Ave to McGuire Bend RD). The Church phone number is 515-547-2339. We are currently utilizingr lay speakers. Please contact a member if interested in speaking.