Monday, July 18, 2016

Annual Ice Cream Social

Annual Ice Cream Social will be on Friday August 26th at the Stratford City Park.  We will be serving 5:00 until 7:00 pm. There willbe beefburgers, chips, homemade pies and bars, ice cream and drinks all for a free will offering. Yummy! Please plan to attend.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Prayer Requsts

Don Ford: Colonoscopy and Upper Gi test he took came back negative. Prayers for continued healing.
Tyla Jensen: Had a blood test everything came out fine.. Will have a bone marrow test in September. She also asks for prayer for continued hair growth.
Jack and Mary Cook:Jack is doing well. Prayers for Mary's health.
Jack and Mary's Daughter in Law: Struggling with anorexia. Is still in the treatment center in Iowa City
Alan Cook: 45 yr old son of Jack/Mary from Texas has stage 2 testicular cancer.
Steve and Diana Kelley: Prayer for continued healing for Steve and also for Diana
Terry Iles:(John and Memory's son)Will be traveling back to France for work again very soon.
Janice Ford: Prayer for  knee pain
Holly Lundberg: Will be having Knee replacement in Ames on Tues July 26th.
Toby the Dog: Has a tumor between his spine and the covering pushing on his spine causing severe pain in the neck. Will be having surgery Tues July 19th at Iowa State Veteranary Hospital.
Mike Huss: Praise! Is now on Medicine to regulate his heart. Has also found a part time job making Pizza at West Side Caseys in Boone. Will be attending college in the fall.
Those in Care Centers and Assisted Living
The McGuire Bend Church family, Jeff Nemechek, Paul Wierson, Mike Huss
June 12  Sunday School 14     Worship 17 
June 19  Sunday School 14     Worship 22
June 26  Sunday School  9      Worship 22
July 1st  
July 10   No Sunday School     Worship at Stratford Park
July17    Sunday School 12       Worship 15

Sunday, January 23, 2011

2016 Teachers/Janitors

Sunday School Classes are held at 9:30 AM. Adult class upstairs-teens basement.
Sunday School Opening
August: Betty Richey
September: Janice Ford
Adult Sunday School Teachers
August: Mary Cook
September: Memory Iles
Youth Sunday School Teachers
August: None
September: Diana Erickson
Clean Church 
August: Erickson Family
September: Ladies 

2016 Birthday's and Anniversaries

Birthdays and Anniversaries
15 Jane Lee
30 Jeremy Barnes  
2    Mark Ford
4   Tyla Jensen
1    Robyn/Jeremy Barnes Anniv
1    Becky marvin
2    Asher Eger
2   Rick/April Carlson Anniv.
4   Lyle/Betty Richey Anniv.
8   Leo/Holly Lundberg Anniv.
19 Shelley marvin
21 Stacy Hay
24 Pat Howd
29 Alyssa Luhmann
29 Jack/Mary Cook Anniv.     

2016 Ladies Aid Meetings

 Ladies Aid Society meets the 2nd Thursday of every month at 5:30   Next Ladies Aid meeting will be on Thursday August 11th and Memory Iles will be Hostess. We will finalize the minutes for the Ice Cream Social to be held on Friday August 26th.

2016 Upcoming Events

Bible Study is the 2nd and 4th Monday of the month at 6:00
Ladies Aid is the 2nd Thursday of the month at 5:30 
25th Monday 6:00 Bible Study Athen Woods-Revelation
31st Sunday 3:00 Stratford Care Center Service 
5th-6th Friday/Saturday Guthrie Center Gospel Sing
8th Monday 6:00 Bible Study at Athen Woods
11th Thursday 5:30 Ladies Aid at Memory Iles
22nd Monday 6:00 Bible Study at Athen Woods
25th Thursday Meet to cook beefburgers
26th Friday Ice Cream Social Stratford Park 5-7pm
15-17th Thur/Fri/Sat Story City Story Telling Festival
16th Friday 7:00: Gaither Vocal Band Des Moines Civic Center.       

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2015 Speaker Rotation-Special Music

Speaker Rotation 
24 Paul Wierson
31 All Church Service 
Special Music 
24 Tyler Carlson
31 Everyone-5th Sunday
Jessica Carlson
14 Holly LUndberg
21 Women
28 April Carlson
4  Jack/Mary Cook
11 Lundberg Family
18 Men
25 Memory Iles, Janice Ford, Holly Lundberg