Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fall Supper and Bazaar

Saturday October 4th; Serving 5-7 homemade vegetable beef soup, chili, beefburgers, pie and drink all for a free-will offering. Auction begins at 7:00 with handcrafts, homebaked goods, rag rugs and much much more.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

2014 Weekly Prayer Requests

Jim Hay: Recovering from shoulder surgery.
April and Diana's cousin Dennis: Has stage 4 cancer.
Mary Cook: Is on medicine to regulate her heart
Alice Spitler: In Stratford Care Center
Maxine Nelson: In Stratford Care Center (Lyle and Janice's sister)
Dale Bergman Family: The loss of Dale
Irene and Roger Hoshaw: Health concerns
Darle Hoshaw: Is cancer free. will be removing port.
Sept 7th   Sunday School 16   Worship 21
Sept 14th Sunday School 16  Worship 23
Sept 28th Sunday School 16  Worship 17

Sunday, January 23, 2011

2014 Sunday School Schedule

Sunday School Classes are held at 9:30 AM.
Adult class upstairs-teens basement.
Sunday School Opening:
October: Betty Richey
Adult Sunday School Class:
October: Jeff Nemechek
Youth Group Sunday School
October: April Carlson

Birthday & Anniversaries 2014

24 Pat Howd
29 Gerald and Marcia Rosenquist Anniv
29 Alyssa Luhmann
29 Jack and Mary Cook Anniv

Ladies Aid Society 2014

Ladies Aid Society is the heartbeat of the church. We plan and organize events and fundraisers. The fundraiser money is used to maintain the church, buy supplies, and help with the general fund. We have a short lesson and time of fellowship. Ladies Aid Society meets the 2nd Thursday of every month at 4:00
  Nest meeting is Thursday October 9th at 4:00. Jane Lee is hostess.

Event Happenings 2014

30th: Tuesday 9:00-4:00 Sr. Saints day at Hidden Acres
3rd: Friday: 1:30 Meet to prepare food and set up 
4th: Saturday 5:00 Fall Supper and Bazaar
6th: Monday 6:00 Bible Study
9th: Thursday 4:00 Ladies Aid at Jane Lee's
20th: Monday 6:00 Bible Study

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Special Music & Pastor Rotation 2014

Pastor Rotation
5th: Paul Wierson
12th: Mike Huss
19th:Paul Wierson
26th: Jeff Nemechek
30th: Jeff Nemechek
Special Music
5th:Janice Ford