Monday, June 13, 2016

Prayer Requsts

Ford Family:Keep them in your prayers with the holidays.
April Stewart: having extreme back pain. 
Lyle Richey: prayers for good health to go on trip to Branson with family Wed.
Meggie Seiser: Nora Lynn 7 # 11 oz has arrived. All doing well and is very beautiful!
Jessica Carlson: Was baptised in Cedar Falls by her mother last Sunday. Congratulations Jessica!!       We are overjoyed for your experiences.
Deloris Landreth: has went to Texas for the winter and will be back in April 
Gary Pritchard: needs prayer for a sore on his leg that is giving him a hard time healing.
Alice Spitler, Pat Howd, Irene Hoshaw, Shirley Gettinger and all who are in the care centers.
Steve Kelley's friend Moses with an Orphanage in rural Uganda.
The McGuire Bend Church family along with Jeff Nemechek, Paul Wierson,